Welcome to the Sub Rosa WikiEdit

Sub Rosa is an independent FPS game created by Alex Austin.

It focuses on commerce, in a city where three teams battle or trade for Disks and cash.


To begin playing the game, you first must get a job from any of the colored circles (companies) on your map (opened by hitting "C"). If you are hired, your company will receive missions on the same screen as the map.

  • Stocks are important. Pay attention to the stock increase per mission, as it will raise your stocks by however much it is.
  • You will lose some, but not all, of your stocks upon death, so don't worry about holding cash. Go all in!


  • Always stay vigilant for RDMers, as they can show up at any time and ruin your day.

Notable ClansEdit

(the following are in-game companies)

(only available in Alpha 25 )

(the following are community-founded groups)

  • UltraCorp., a light-RP group focused on making money. The group is currently on an extended hiatus.
  • The Secret Order of MAGNUM, a group that focuses on the death of all opposition.
  • The Revolution, a group founded by Brazilian players whose only goal is to kill non-Brazilians.
  • The Underground, a community that forged their own take on Sub Rosa and its gamemodes.


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