The phone is used as a means of communication in-game between companies, as there is no global chat. When you call a company, their phone will ring and you can use either voice or text chat to talk through the phone. There are two phone numbers per company in-game, corresponding to the two phones each company gets when a new day starts or a manager is appointed. The main phone is tan, and the secondary/bodyguard phone is black.


While holding the phone, press left-click to dial, and left-click again to close the dial GUI. If your phone is ringing, it will make a beeping sound; left-click to answer incoming calls and left-click to hang up while in a call.

The phone numbers in-game are as follows:

  • 1111 (Goldmen Main/Tan phone)
  • 1112 (Goldmen Secondary/Black phone)
  • 2222 (Monsota Main/Tan phone)
  • 2223 (Monsota Secondary/Black phone)
  • 3333 (OXS Main/Tan phone)
  • 3334 (OXS Secondary/Black phone)
  • 4444 (Nexaco Main/Tan phone)
  • 4445 (Nexaco Secondary/Black phone)
  • 5555 (Pentacom Main/Tan phone
  • 5556 (Pentacom Secondary/Black phone)
  • 6666 (Admin, if one has spawned in a phone)

When you left-click holding the phone to dial, a small list showing all of the main phone numbers and their companies will pop up, so you don't have to worry if you forget the phone numbers.